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Trust Our Professionals for
Bat and Bird Control Services

Let Us Eliminate All Signs of Bats or Birds From Your Property

Remove bats and birds from your property permanently with the help of the experts at ACE Pest Management. You can count on us to immediately eliminate and control bats and birds in a safe and humane manner. 

The bat removal services you receive from us come with an annual WARRANTY. Positive results are GUARANTEED!

Depend on Us for Bat Removal and Cleanup

Bats are a valuable species in the ecosystem, so we promote bat conservation and use responsible control methods.
If you have bats in your attic, stop them from reentering. Our professionals will install a one-way bat door and bat proofing on the interior or exterior of your property.
If your attic has a foul smell, it may be from the bat droppings. We will also decontaminate and clean up bat debris.

Learn More About How Harmful Birds Can Be

Large flocks of birds aren't just dirty and noisy, but they can also pose harm and danger to humans. They deface and damage properties, equipment, and various structures. Damage to signs, streetlights, and electrical utilities can cause hazardous working conditions.
Pest birds are also known to carry bacteria, such as salmonella and more than 48 parasites. Their droppings can cause over 40 diseases, including fatal illnesses like histoplasmosis and meningitis.
Call us today to request a FREE estimate. Active military personnel and senior citizens can receive a DISCOUNT on our services.

Get affordable and effective pest control services from our family-owned and operated business.

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